1234 returns!

The 1234  Festival returns to London with a band and DJ heavy line up that embraces all things new, old, emerging and established, local and international, and quite basically great about music. Back in 2007 promoter Sean McClusky started the festival with the aim of bringing new and emerging artists to play on the same stages asContinue reading “1234 returns!”

Telegram – Follow

This London based band are pretty new, and back in July when I played Telegram‘s Follow my radio show Thoughts & Rhythms had literally just started gigging. That didn’t stop everyone clambering over them and raving though, and their sessions with Marc Riley generated waves, as well as helping them capture the eye of MartinContinue reading “Telegram – Follow”

Radio show – again! July 12th

Summer summer summer time.   Tripwires – Shimmer Robinson – Waiting On Cinderella Bwani Junction – Papa Candy Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Nightwater Girlfriend Speedy Ortiz – No Below French Cowboy & The One – You Wanna Sing Sky Between Leaves – Sky Between Leaves Night Flowers – Single Beds Telegram –Continue reading “Radio show – again! July 12th”