Team Me – To The Treetops!

Released March 5th on Propeller Recordings Reviewed by Francesca Baker It’s been a long time coming. Almost a year after their EP and a fair few months since we spent an afternoon together on Brighton Beach shivering under misleading May sunshine discussing cycling down steps the excitable sextet Team Me have released their full length albumContinue reading “Team Me – To The Treetops!”

It's All Happening interview Team Me on Brighton beach..

Team Me are a Norwegian 6 piece who It’s All Happening have been following for a while (check out our EP review here). They’re an excitable bunch who take over the stage with a grin and ensure that you will have a good time. It’s All Happening were lucky enough to get all 6 of themContinue reading “It's All Happening interview Team Me on Brighton beach..”

Team Me – EP

Propeller/Cargo April 18th 2011 Francesca Baker Six Norwegian indie popstrels, accompanied by a choir, handclaps and stomping, giddly gallop along through light and enticing tracks that drip with positivity and passion. Drawing on the effervescing roots that unite Pains of Being Pure of Heart, Los Campesinos, Cajun Dance Party, the five tracks on this EPContinue reading “Team Me – EP”