London’s voices – life in the global city

Many artists and visitors to London are inspired to create. The capital infuses the sentences of books, the scenes of TV, the worlds of films, either as a location, character, or just a sense. The second year of London Book & Screen Week, taking place 11 – 17 April, 2016 reveals an eclectic array ofContinue reading “London’s voices – life in the global city”

Changing Minds Festival 

Bringing the topic of mental health out of the medical setting into the mundane reality is an important and laudable endeavour – particularly when it comes to the arts. I fear that some of the less knowledgable, or less open minded, might see any link as implying that severe illnesses can be ‘cured’ by aContinue reading “Changing Minds Festival “

Canterbury Festival 2015

Chaucer was a fan, David Copperfield loved its beautiful ‘hot light’ and Virginia Woolf believed there to be ‘no lovelier place.’ The country’s most eminent Archbishop lives here and the Romans resided here long before them. There’s an avant garde jazz style named after the city, and Christopher Marlowe drew huge inspiration from his birth place. ThrowContinue reading “Canterbury Festival 2015”