Scuba diving in Cairns: Don’t fear the reef, yeah? – TNT Magazine

You may be aware that I am not a huge fan of water. I find it a little intimating when it doesn’t come in well defined containers – baths, pools, bottles, etc. Even wayward spurts from a loose washer on a tap can have me squeal. But I want to, I really want to loveContinue reading “Scuba diving in Cairns: Don’t fear the reef, yeah? – TNT Magazine”

A Sunday afternoon in Reading – Festival 2012!

A little bit corporate, somewhat dirty, with its big wire fencing, dusty paths, and discarded chip trays, Reading Festival isn’t one I usually cite as one of my favourites, sometimes lacking the spirit and joie de vivre that percolates smaller festivals. However, with a big reputation, big bucks, and a big profile, it does attractContinue reading “A Sunday afternoon in Reading – Festival 2012!”