Livin’ (Sustainably) in the City

If ‘living sustainably’ was a colour, it would be green. Green: the colour of the countryside, rolling hills, nature and where being part of your environment is surely much easier. In the cities it’s all more grim and gritty; people are busy; there is too much technology and transport; and too many buildings and businesses toContinue reading “Livin’ (Sustainably) in the City”

Sustainable tourism: people power and destination stewardship

The approach to a holiday differs widely, but generally there are two extremes, with most people dotted in between. A holiday is either a time to go away, be pampered, never leave the pool side and think solely of oneself, or it is an opportunity to get down and dirty with a new place, discoveringContinue reading “Sustainable tourism: people power and destination stewardship”

Sustainable building means more attractive and comfortable homes

As a child, come the evening when everyone was back from their respective jobs, schools and social engagements, my father would lock the door of our house and ‘shut the world out’ – a saying that has stayed with me and as a result, those I have lived with, ever since. However by locking theContinue reading “Sustainable building means more attractive and comfortable homes”

What makes a festival?

Conference for Festivals: ‘Capacity to Endure’ 7, 8, 9 November 2012 The Southbank Centre and The Barbican Festivals have been having a tough time of it. Thousands are held every year, spanning all types of music, arts and culture, and from a high point a couple of years ago, economic and environmental pressures have caused some crashes.Continue reading “What makes a festival?”