Haux – Seaside

If the new tune from Haux was indeed the Seaside, it would be one of lapping waves, smoothly hitting the shore whilst a brisk wind blows, dreaming of a future that seems distant on the horizon. Fusing chilled electronic beats with folk vibes and ambient guitar, the track is taken from the Londoner’s Debut EP AllContinue reading “Haux – Seaside”

Reading the nature of place at Wealden Literary Festival

Given that writing is about life, and life takes places in a location, it’s actually more surprising than more word events don’t focus on the where. Even more rare is a literary soiree that embraces the ‘where’ outside – nature, environment, and landscape. The Wealden Literary Festival is a celebration of the outdoors, the natural world and theContinue reading “Reading the nature of place at Wealden Literary Festival”

Manou – Unmistakable

A simple sentiment, looping rhyme scheme, familiar chord structure and chiming melodies make Manou‘s latest Unmistakable a summer r’n’b gem. With breathy vocals and a sassy beat the teen pop starlet’s this is the 2nd track off  debut EP Venice Beach, released in July through new singles label SW Records. Gauzy and glitchy, the track shows that theContinue reading “Manou – Unmistakable”

Sunshine on a rainy day

It’s summertime, and with the longer days, BBQ evenings and buckets and spades comes a desire to infuse some of that summer feeling into everything. A bit of frivolity, joie de vivre, light heartedness. And everything includes our clothing and accessories. Sarah Nettleton, Founder and Designer, of aMuse Fashionsaims to bring a bit of theContinue reading “Sunshine on a rainy day”

Frank Hamilton – Summer

New song from Frank Hamilton, Summer. Last week the lyrics seemed apt, but now as I sit here removing leaves from my hair and rubbing cream onto my chapped lips… Oh Summer, where’ve you been? It’s the first week in September and you’ve only just walked in I’ve been trying to remember how you feelContinue reading “Frank Hamilton – Summer”