Summer Camp – Love Of My Life

Beloved British indie-pop duo Summer Camp – AKA married couple Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley – are back with their new music for the first time since 2015. Love of My Life / Danny and John is the lead double A-side single from their forthcoming LP Romantic Comedy. Romantic Comedy – the album – is aContinue reading “Summer Camp – Love Of My Life”

Win tickets to Leefest!

When parents go away for the weekend and fail to leave explicit instructions dictating that their loved children ‘must not throw a festival in the back garden’, events such as Leefest are inevitable. Having evolved from its 2006 roots as a party in the garden with seven bands, the not for profit festival in BromleyContinue reading “Win tickets to Leefest!”

Two Thousand And Eleven – top year

Ah  2011. What a year. It probably won’t go down in musical history like 1977 (Sex Pistols), or 1995 (Britpop), 1963 (The Beatles) or dammit, even 2004 (X Factor), but we’ve still had a bloody good time listening to music, getting all fired up on the thrill of a good melody and a banging riff.Continue reading “Two Thousand And Eleven – top year”

Summer Camp new video

‘This is my life/ as the world turns to 3am/ spinning round, there’s no hope’ sings Jeremy Warmsley of Summer Camp, caught in an unending party loop, the futility and frustrations of life are captured on the Chris Boyle directed Down better than a sepia tone camera could. Released today (Monday 7th November) on Moshi Moshi.

Summer Camp craft Welcome To Condale 'zine

Because making an utterly gorgeous simmering album isn’t enough, Summer Camp, the London duo made up of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley have crafted an accompanying zine. As cinematically tinged as their music, it is full of handwritten notes, typewriter lists, photos taken unaware, and musings of the soul. Heart. Welcome To Condale will beContinue reading “Summer Camp craft Welcome To Condale 'zine”