The Adulterants – Joe Dunthorne

Ten years after his brilliant first novel Submarine, Joe Dunthorne brings us The Adulterants, a dark and funny comedy about modern relationships. Rising house prices and rising tensions amid the London riots in 2011 are our backdrop, but the tussles and rangling between Ray, aged 34, and his wife Garthene, echo many Generation Y andContinue reading “The Adulterants – Joe Dunthorne”

Lawless – words and music courtesy of Nick Cave

I saw Quadrophenia for the first time this week, and it only confirmed my long held belief: it is often the soundtrack that makes a movie. (Also, that I would definitely have been a mod, but that’s beside the point). Coming up soon, is Lawless, an the explosive gangster story about the Bondurant brothers, youngContinue reading “Lawless – words and music courtesy of Nick Cave”