Richard Reed – If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Richard Reed is a successful man. An entrepreneur from a young age, he built up Innocent Drinks from a market stall to a hugely successful brand that was sold to Coca Cola for millions. But he knows that he couldn’t have done it alone, and credits his success to four brilliant pieces of advice, eachContinue reading “Richard Reed – If I Could Tell You Just One Thing”

Ben Gooding – etching his way to an epiphany

When looking at Ben Gooding’s collection of aluminium drawings, from a distance, they resemble a sound wave, or a sweep of light, one unified movement over the surface. A strong imposing metal and a definite motion. Abandoning colour, dimension and expression, each piece is systemic and striking. Look closely however and you will see that each isContinue reading “Ben Gooding – etching his way to an epiphany”