Leo Butler’s Boy at London’s Almeida Theatre

Read the original on State of The Arts Seventy five minutes of nothing. Just watching a kid that you, outside, going about your busy, full, purposeful life, would never even notice. Imagine if that was your life. In Boy, Leo Butler (writer) and Sacha Ware (director) depict the plight of Liam (played by Frankie Fox), aContinue reading “Leo Butler’s Boy at London’s Almeida Theatre”

Katherine Green – Tales From The Laundrette

Tales From The Laundrette is a new project from Katherine Green, documenting personal life in these humdrum local spaces with astute and specific images capturing the everyday moments. A social documentary photographer based in London, Katherine’s work focuses on the idea of community, and the bonds which forge those communities. Her work has been published inContinue reading “Katherine Green – Tales From The Laundrette”

Yoga Gets Social

No pain, no gain. Force yourself. Train mean eat clean. Once exercise was all about the aggressive approach, pushing your body hard, and to hell with your mind, others, or the rest of your life. It was punishment to be endured. And yoga, that was about clearing your mind. Focus. Get on the mat. AndContinue reading “Yoga Gets Social”

Who is London? 1000 Londoners

1000 Londoners is a project of films and people. Over five years a thousand people who call London home will be filmed telling their story, and the three minute videos posted on the website. A ‘unique digital portrait,’ anyone can be nominated, and as such the interviewees reflect the colourful human landscape of London. Everyone hasContinue reading “Who is London? 1000 Londoners”

What makes a festival?

Conference for Festivals: ‘Capacity to Endure’ 7, 8, 9 November 2012 The Southbank Centre and The Barbican Festivals have been having a tough time of it. Thousands are held every year, spanning all types of music, arts and culture, and from a high point a couple of years ago, economic and environmental pressures have caused some crashes.Continue reading “What makes a festival?”