Ryan JW Smith – 500 Shakespearean

Billed as ‘the diary of a poetic quest for truth’ this collection of 500 sonnets, whilst being a bit of a foray into quantity over quality, and certainly reading as a literary form of catharsis, is an enjoyable batch of poems. Following the commitment to pen a sonnet a day, first  published on thesonnetblog.com (thingsContinue reading “Ryan JW Smith – 500 Shakespearean”

Free stuff! Smith & Burrows

This Ain’t New Jersey, a free download from Smith & Burrows, taken from their new album Funny Looking Angels which is out now. Referring to themselves as though they are in primary school in short trousers, Smith & Burrows are Tom Smith (Editors) and Andy Burrows (I Am Arrows/ ex-Razorlight). It’s taken from their newContinue reading “Free stuff! Smith & Burrows”