Self Esteem live

OMeara London, 19 September 2018 Gathered in a bunker near London Bridge, are a couple of hundred people to see Self Esteem, the newest project from Rebecca Taylor. The sold out gig at London’s OMeara sees old fans, nwTaylor has been part of the Slow Club duo, along with Charles Watson, for ten years now.Continue reading “Self Esteem live”

Slow Club live at Paper Dress Vintage

A vintage clothing shop cum cafe slash bar with a gig venue, Paper Dress Vintage is one of those places that tries to be all things to all womena and men, and somehow succeeds. Slow Club are down for a four week residency, playing stripped back versions of the songs from their new album, onlyContinue reading “Slow Club live at Paper Dress Vintage”

Slow Club – Suffering You, Suffering Me

I first heard this track from Slow Club back in March 2013, and it hasn’t lost any of its magic. Heavy and bitter but with their powerful pop aesthetic, Suffering You, Suffering Me is evidence of a maturity with which creativity has not waned. Taken from new album Complete Surrender on July 14th, available toContinue reading “Slow Club – Suffering You, Suffering Me”

An interview with Klak Tik

When I enter the Camden Barfly (the last remaining one of the chain) Klak Tik are sat around the table laughing and drinking, easy banter, buzzing post soundcheck. I start with the obvious question, ‘so…Slow Club?’ ‘I had heard of them’ says Jon (Beyer), ‘and then when we were booked I looked them up…Harry PotterContinue reading “An interview with Klak Tik”

Slow Club – Good Sex @ Proud

March 14th 2013 It always amazes me that a duo who can write such tender songs of lost love and heartbreak can slip under the radar of most of the UK’s music fans. Who could ever fall out of love with the charming and beautiful Rebecca and disarmingly beguiling Charles? Playing their first gig ofContinue reading “Slow Club – Good Sex @ Proud”