Sarajevo – coffee and roses

My favourite cafe ever in possibly my favourite city ever… If only I sat in Zlatna Ribica now, not my rainy West London Starbucks. The pavements of Sarajevo are awash with cafes and bars inviting regulars and visitors in to sample their refreshments and Bosnian hospitality in equal measures.   We discovered Zlatna Ribica onContinue reading “Sarajevo – coffee and roses”

Music For The Download Generation – Is The Album Dead?

Album sales are down, talented musicians are raising their doubts about the future format, and the listening mode of choice is the ‘shuffle’ button. Is the album on its way out? The facts from the BPI would suggest so. In 2008 album sales were down 3.2%, which at least had slowed from 2007′s 10.% decrease.Continue reading “Music For The Download Generation – Is The Album Dead?”

Ain’t No Heartbreak – The Heartbreaks chat to IAH

Heartbreak is a horrible thing: Emotional turmoil, despair and a feeling of loneliness. The Heartbreaks, then, is surely an ironic name. The Morecambe foursome bring a joy to their music which is as quixotic as the seaside life that has influenced them. It’s All Happening were lucky enough to chat with Matt (lead vocalist) andContinue reading “Ain’t No Heartbreak – The Heartbreaks chat to IAH”