High Street vs High End

Most Londoners have known it for a while. In fact, some may even say that it is old news and the coolest of the cool are now to be found in other postcodes. But the top end fashion pack, those with the pounds to spend and the labels to flash as well as style credentials,Continue reading “High Street vs High End”

The Secrets They Kept – Joanne Tombrakos

‘Every family has its secrets’ starts the blurb. In Joanne Tombrakos’ self-published début novel The Secrets They Kept, she unravels those kept by the Poulous family, the vibrant and chaotic Greek-American family we follow through the story of Elena Poulous, a successful lawyer living in New York. Solid and driven, Elena’s life is suddenly disrupted when she is informed of theContinue reading “The Secrets They Kept – Joanne Tombrakos”

Magical graffiti from Xenz

I’ve never been convinced by the claim that grafitti is an artform, until I discovered Xenz. Marrying fine art and urban art forms, his new solo show Cloud Cuckoo Land  is a beautiful and inspiring collection of fantastical imagery. The dissipating spray can reflects fragments of memory and the childhood dreams Xenz cites as one influence,Continue reading “Magical graffiti from Xenz”

Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny – by Rani Singh

Sonia Gandhi’s life story is the stuff of novels. Growing up in an Italian working class village, she met her Rajiv Gandhiwhilst learning English at college in Cambridge, and after a long distance relationship, married into the Gandhi family and its political life. After her mother-in-law Indira’s assassination in 1984 and her husband’s death  in 1991, whenContinue reading “Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny – by Rani Singh”

Secret Rivals – Make Do And Mend

Out 15th September, on HasLegs Records. Reviewed by Francesca Baker.  The mp3 player automatically files Make Do And Mend as indie pop but to file Secret Rivals away as another melodic band with saccharin sweet guitars would be reductionist, not to mention wrong. Comparisons to Los Campesinos will never be removed, the oscillating melodies, conversantContinue reading “Secret Rivals – Make Do And Mend”