Skin Aspirations

Simona has been practising beauty for the last three years, and in that time found herself becoming increasingly frustrated. Skin health matters, and her experience of working at clinics in Harley Street and in the City was ‘that clients in most instances are sold industry hype.’ She wants to help people get the skin theyContinue reading “Skin Aspirations”

Farao – Skin

Shimmering and shattering its way through a tale of an affair, Skin by Farao bristles with melcanholy and strength as it traverses genres. Mixing folk, pop, roots and blues, she blends what us lowly folk may categorise as types into glorious melodies and an enchanting ode, all smoothed together by a hauntingly beautiful voice. TheContinue reading “Farao – Skin”

New Nordic BioFirm Danish Detox Plan: 180 Tablets

I could probably report better results from Elixir Health’s New Nordic Bio Firm capsules had I strictly followed the recommended diet and cut out all wheat, dairy, fat, alcohol, sugar and meat. However, being pretty sure that this diet eliminates a number of the fundamental food groups, and being pretty keen on keeping my sanityContinue reading “New Nordic BioFirm Danish Detox Plan: 180 Tablets”