Peggy Sue – Slow Fade

A dreamy and poppy heartbreak tune, Slow Fade is the latest track from London duo Peggy Sue (Rosa Slade and Katy Young) and the first single from upcoming fifth album. With an aptitude for slightly off kilter but very on ear hooks, it blends sixties and nineties influences with fresh and modern energy. There’s a laconicContinue reading “Peggy Sue – Slow Fade”

Rainbow Maniac – Going Out On My Own

Four pals from the Welsh valleys, Rainbow Maniac certainly don’t make the kind of sound that evokes rolling hills and fluffy sheep. Going Out On My Own is the first track from the upcoming EP1 to be released later this year on Phwoar & Peace Records. The frantic and blistering riffs combine old school rockContinue reading “Rainbow Maniac – Going Out On My Own”

The Regrettes – Seashore

At only 15, Lydia Night and the rest of her band The Regrettes (Genessa Gariano, guitar, 19; Maxx Morando, drums, 17; Sage Nicole, bass, 18) might not be able to remember the 60s, but that doesn’t stop them being able to play buoyant and cheeky garage pop infused by the era’s aesthetic. Based in LA,Continue reading “The Regrettes – Seashore”

whenyoung – Actor

‘Actor is about contorting your character to fit into a disfigured view of the perfect self in order to belong. It’s about acting every day and projecting artificial images of yourself through social media and in real life interactions with others. This helps to reassure you that you are important, relevant, interesting and necessary but behindContinue reading “whenyoung – Actor”