An Alternative London tour

First published on State of the Arts Not that long ago street art was considered a synonym for vandalism. Tags scrawled by young louts hanging from railway bridges when they ought to have been home at night and who didn’t respect the value of people’s property. Or at least that was one mindset. But thingsContinue reading “An Alternative London tour”

Balls, booze and banter

In Shoreditch anything can happen. Stick a bunch of old rubbish in the downstairs of a warehouse and get people to come along and pay to hit a ball around it until it falls into a hole. I guess it’s slightly more novel than asking them to hit a ball around a lawn until itContinue reading “Balls, booze and banter”

First Names Announced for Community 2015 – A Brand New Festival In East London‏

 You can never have too much music, and as such, never too many festivals at which to celebrate the best new bands. The first names for the latest party to grace the mean streets of Shoreditch, Community, have been announced, and its an electric and exciting mix of some of the names that will beContinue reading “First Names Announced for Community 2015 – A Brand New Festival In East London‏”

Visions Festival

In the year when the successful Camden Crawl folded, the outlook for Visions was mixed. Was the RIP of CC a sign that we are over wristband festivals, or was it just that new blood is needed. After a successful debut last year, the Hackney one-dayer, with 28 bands playing across four venues, complete withContinue reading “Visions Festival”