Jubilee Courts – Strip Down

Starting with a gentle and ambient plucking, Strip Down from Northampton’s Jubilee Courts soon swarms around the listener with steel vocals and grinding melodies. Sparse and subdued but still making its presence felt, the influences of Joy Division and The Jesus and Mary Chain are evident. I could have done with a little more vibrancy in the lyrics,Continue reading “Jubilee Courts – Strip Down”

The Janitors – Drone Head

Slow building buzzy affairs, Swedish duo The Janitors and their tunes, available for you now on new album Drone Head, are surprisingly catchy for such druggy looping riffs. Death Song bursts with vibrancy in a way that reminds of tamer The Wytches and Long Way Back has an actual sing along chorus, perfect for driving.Continue reading “The Janitors – Drone Head”

Coves – Beating

Beautiful strings and sketchy beats, glitchy synths and soaring wails, soft cooing vocals and powerful assertions, vulnerable verses and acidic cutting choruses, on new song Beating Coves have taken every genre, every sound, every tactic, every noise, thrown them together without depleting the power of the individual but making every single one greater than the someContinue reading “Coves – Beating”

The Capsules – Northern Lights & Southern Skies

Released June 14th 2013 Northern Lights & Southern Skies, the new album from The Capsules, sounds as though it was recorded in a smooth wind tunnel, floating chilled dance,  good Saturday evening warm up in the sun or Sunday afternoon thinking back to the night before kind of music. Wistful and whimsical yet fully rooted inContinue reading “The Capsules – Northern Lights & Southern Skies”