Wolf Alice @ The Scala

28th May 2014 with Superfood and Gengahr Dolled up in glitter and resembling different aspects of Ziggy Stardust, Wolf Alice bound on to the stage at a packed out Scala. ‘It’s so good to be home’ beams Ellie, before they launch into┬álatest single Moaning Lisa Smile, before quickly powering into the snarl of She. PlayingContinue reading “Wolf Alice @ The Scala”

Dearly Beloved – SHE

Scuzzy riffs, snappy melodies, and lo-fi lusciousness cavort and dazzle in this new song SHE from Canadian band Dearly Beloved. Think The Kills or Cults, fuzzy and dark. Sharing their own brand of affable aggressiveness, the band’s potent cocktail of sonic abrasion unfolds like a nightmare you don’t want to wake up from, not whenContinue reading “Dearly Beloved – SHE”