Shakespeare Shorts

Shakespeare is so well known that it takes guts and effort to reinterpret in new ways that allow the brilliance to shine through for audiences in an accessible way, and Action To The Word manage this dynamically and dazzle with it in their production of Shakespeare Shorts, now on at independent venue Camden People’s Theatre. DirectedContinue reading “Shakespeare Shorts”

A novel tea

It is 4pm. I get cranky if I don’t have a cup of tea by this time in the afternoon. My boyfriend knows this and so he drags me to the nearest shop to indulge me in my favourite brew. We are very lucky as the nearest shop turns out to be The Fourteas, a 1940sContinue reading “A novel tea”

Ryan JW Smith – 500 Shakespearean

Billed as ‘the diary of a poetic quest for truth’ this collection of 500 sonnets, whilst being a bit of a foray into quantity over quality, and certainly reading as a literary form of catharsis, is an enjoyable batch of poems. Following the commitment to pen a sonnet a day, first  published on (thingsContinue reading “Ryan JW Smith – 500 Shakespearean”