Radio radio radio – August 9th

New show from Thoughts & Rhythms, you betcha. 1. Hockeysmith – Let’s Bang 2. The Vickers – She’s Lost 3. TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed 4. Gaoler’s Daughter – St Peter 5. Ghost Outfit – Waste 6. Throwing Up – Medicine 7. Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits 8. To Kill A KingContinue reading “Radio radio radio – August 9th”

Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits

Shake The Baron have seized the apparent New London scene over in the US and rightly so. Signed to New York label Super Duper Records, they are a band that could be described as indie, but with more beats, dreamy and drifting, and dripping with just the right amount of sinister sleekness. Lead singer Andrew OedelContinue reading “Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits”