How You Might Know Me – Sabrina Mahfouz

One of the brilliant things about words is how they shine a light on other people’s worlds. On the pages and in the ears exist lenses and windows, portals into a place we might never go. How You Might Know Me is a poetic exploration of four women’s lives, connected through their experience in differentContinue reading “How You Might Know Me – Sabrina Mahfouz”

Punk+ by Sheila Rock – capturing the sound and look of a movement

Sheila Rock is what you might call a talented and prolific photographer. The US born London based artist has work in the National Portrait Gallery, and since her career took off after a commission from FACE in 1980, has snapped for everyone from Vogue to The Sunday Times. Her latest book PUNK+ is a collectionContinue reading “Punk+ by Sheila Rock – capturing the sound and look of a movement”

Think about sex. Please.

More rewarding than Talk Like A Pirate Day, more universally applicable than International Tuba Day, healthier than Cheese Pizza Day, and infinitely more practical than National Beheading Day, February 14th has been deemed Think About Sex Day. Handily coinciding with Valentine’s Day, for the second year running The Sexual Advice Association is promoting the day asContinue reading “Think about sex. Please.”