Haux – Seaside

If the new tune from Haux was indeed the Seaside, it would be one of lapping waves, smoothly hitting the shore whilst a brisk wind blows, dreaming of a future that seems distant on the horizon. Fusing chilled electronic beats with folk vibes and ambient guitar, the track is taken from the Londoner’s Debut EP AllContinue reading “Haux – Seaside”

Sunshine on a rainy day

It’s summertime, and with the longer days, BBQ evenings and buckets and spades comes a desire to infuse some of that summer feeling into everything. A bit of frivolity, joie de vivre, light heartedness. And everything includes our clothing and accessories. Sarah Nettleton, Founder and Designer, of aMuse Fashionsaims to bring a bit of theContinue reading “Sunshine on a rainy day”

Ain’t No Heartbreak – The Heartbreaks chat to IAH

Heartbreak is a horrible thing: Emotional turmoil, despair and a feeling of loneliness. The Heartbreaks, then, is surely an ironic name. The Morecambe foursome bring a joy to their music which is as quixotic as the seaside life that has influenced them. It’s All Happening were lucky enough to chat with Matt (lead vocalist) andContinue reading “Ain’t No Heartbreak – The Heartbreaks chat to IAH”