ISLAND – A Place You Like

‘I’m walking on golden tainted skies’ sings Rollo Doherty on ISLAND’s new track A Place You Like. It’s yearning and searching, over what sounds like coconuts clapping together as gentle guitars roll together and leave space for his case for romance. Heartfelt and warm, sad and mournful, it still hits with pounding force as itContinue reading “ISLAND – A Place You Like”

Wolf Alice @ The Scala

28th May 2014 with Superfood and Gengahr Dolled up in glitter and resembling different aspects of Ziggy Stardust, Wolf Alice bound on to the stage at a packed out Scala. ‘It’s so good to be home’ beams Ellie, before they launch into latest single Moaning Lisa Smile, before quickly powering into the snarl of She. PlayingContinue reading “Wolf Alice @ The Scala”

50 words on…Golden Glow

Golden Glow at The Scala, March 21st by Jamie Malcolm Pungent bass, snappy drums and the ‘fuzz’ knob on guitars turned up to 11. They bottle the late 90’s American college radio feeling far more than I felt Yuck managed. Honestly, if they were awful I would still give them top marks for the drummers staggeringlyContinue reading “50 words on…Golden Glow”

Cloud Control @ Scala, 12th October 2011

It was clear from the outset that this wasn’t going to be the folk-speckled love-fest I thought it would be. In fact, Cloud Control’s gig at Scala showed them in a whole new light. It revealed their dark side: seductive, compelling, arcane – and utterly unexpected. Before the start of the gig, the stage wasContinue reading “Cloud Control @ Scala, 12th October 2011”

Ain’t No Heartbreak – The Heartbreaks chat to IAH

Heartbreak is a horrible thing: Emotional turmoil, despair and a feeling of loneliness. The Heartbreaks, then, is surely an ironic name. The Morecambe foursome bring a joy to their music which is as quixotic as the seaside life that has influenced them. It’s All Happening were lucky enough to chat with Matt (lead vocalist) andContinue reading “Ain’t No Heartbreak – The Heartbreaks chat to IAH”