Rose Windows – Rose Windows

Rose Windows is blues of the people, the soundtrack to life – a sprawling lush dirge of psych melodies and reverberating melodies, thrusting forward with swagger and a little vulnerability. The Seattle-based sextet, fronted by Chris Cheveyo, blend the talents and interests they all bring, with post rock, jazz and grunge all making their appearance. There’sContinue reading “Rose Windows – Rose Windows”

Radio radio radio – August 9th

New show from Thoughts & Rhythms, you betcha. 1. Hockeysmith – Let’s Bang 2. The Vickers – She’s Lost 3. TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed 4. Gaoler’s Daughter – St Peter 5. Ghost Outfit – Waste 6. Throwing Up – Medicine 7. Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits 8. To Kill A KingContinue reading “Radio radio radio – August 9th”