Komla EP

Unique is a word often bandied around, often wrongly. Chameleon like Komla are more deserving than most of the adjective, their rambunctious, rocky, sexy and smooth sounds are driving and dramatic. Taking the best of bluesy sixties sounds and connecting them through the ages, picking up influences along the way, cutting and splicing them togetherContinue reading “Komla EP”

Peter Darling – Limehouse

Peter Darling is a singer songwriter from Kent. So Peter Darling is some bloke strumming his acoustic guitar and singing yearning odes to countryside times gone by, probably with too much facial hair like the rest of them? Ha. They say that every song has already been written, but that doesn’t stop so many artistsContinue reading “Peter Darling – Limehouse”

UnorthodOXJAM – Proud Camden, 7th Oct

The Switch, Orlando Seale and the Swell, Killing Fields of Ontario, The Wildes, and Shout Timber A night of break-though indie acts brought to you by It’s All Happening, taking place at Proud Stables, Camden, all  to raise money for the wonderful work of Oxfam. Check out the line up… Orlando Seale and the SwellContinue reading “UnorthodOXJAM – Proud Camden, 7th Oct”

It is what it is… Why Brother's simple lyrics sum up the deepest feelings.

Francesca Baker Not content with providing our favourite quote of It’s All Happening’s Great Escape preview zine, Leonard, frontman of Brother also treated us to a stellar soundbite during the inter-song soundbite that stuck in the mind and caused some musings. Having firmly lowered the eyebrows of even the most sceptical industry bods, with his guitar grippedContinue reading “It is what it is… Why Brother's simple lyrics sum up the deepest feelings.”