Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

They’ve been away for a while. Japandroids had a busy year in 2012 following their album Celebration Rock, playing over 200 shows in 40 countries, and have been absent since. But the duo will return to the stage and the stereo next year, with their third album Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, outContinue reading “Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”


Whilst some of us are wondering how on earth it is mid way through 2014 already, New York’s Wyldlife are back in 1979, unwrapping their newly purchased The Buzzcocks records and wondering when The Clash might make it over the pond. Before slicking back their hair, downing some beers, chucking on a leather jacket shredding up their sixContinue reading “Wyldlife”

The Khmer Revival of Rock ’n’ Roll: Indie Music in Cambodia

The sounds of drums and rock guitar pierce the air, young voices roar above their buzzing audience: no, this is not a gig in London or New York. It is the sound of Cambodia’s rock revival. As Francesca Baker attests, Khmer music is undergoing a rebirth and emerging as more energetic and determined than everContinue reading “The Khmer Revival of Rock ’n’ Roll: Indie Music in Cambodia”

Introducing – Courtney Yasmineh

Ballsy and confident in demeanour, Courtney Yasmineh is charming and captivating, and her music direct and delicious, a potent cocktail of  alternative rock, folk, pop and even a little gospel, all blended and blurred into a dazzling and blistering output.  A complex and tough upbringing saw her flee to great north woods of Minnesota whereContinue reading “Introducing – Courtney Yasmineh”

The Ludlow Thieves

Bear with me here. I am going to use the words ‘Americana,’ ‘Stereophonics’ and ‘good’ to describe a band. There, done. And genuinely meant. The Ludlow Thieves are comprised of an Iowa gospel guy, a classically trained musician and a Manhattan hippy it is no wonder that the music is difficult to pigeonhole but words likeContinue reading “The Ludlow Thieves”