Rachel Sermanni, Robbie Boyd & Sugardrum

So, how did it go? We could rave about how wonderful it was, boast that we sold out, be pleased that people were piling in on the steps outside, impress you with the that fact all the profits raised by the cafe went to St Margaret’s House, or we could just let you see some ofContinue reading “Rachel Sermanni, Robbie Boyd & Sugardrum”

Ladies & Gentleman, This is Mr Robbie Boyd

Francesca Baker It’s a lovely sunny Friday in March. We have a rare day off work, and are sitting on the top floor of a gallery in Victoria, watching the world go by and being serenaded by Robbie Boyd. As always, Robbie is nice and chipper, the sunny disposition of his music evidently having itsContinue reading “Ladies & Gentleman, This is Mr Robbie Boyd”