Regina Spektor – Laughing With

With a name as ethereal as Spektor this lady has the ability to seep into your soul and incite emotion. Regina Spektor seems to me to be one of those people who can see a dash of colour or a blade of grass and go into raving rhapsodies or deep depressions, the smallest of everydayContinue reading “Regina Spektor – Laughing With”

Harold Honey – Helltown

Helltown, the newest EP from Los Angeles based blues/punk rocker Harold Honey is a renegade rock soundtrack to damnation, and there’s a whole lotta shakin goin on in the Pit! This three song EP is rebel rock at its finest. Honey’s deep gritty voice grinds out dark lyrical storytelling while supported by wild choral backingContinue reading “Harold Honey – Helltown”

Cellophane Flowers – Staring At The World

Released 3rd December Upon discovering that they describe themselves as ‘psychopop’ I was immediately struck with fear and an image of an Aqua covers band, delirious having od’d on Skittles and sniffed to much sherbet, singing in a helium fueled voice. Thankfully The Cellophane Flowers are nothing of the sort, and take their vibe from the far cooler song about Lucy and herContinue reading “Cellophane Flowers – Staring At The World”

Leefest – movers and shakers!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t think that a weekend couched somewhere between Croydon and Bromley worth spending my time on, let alone writing about for all to read. But Leefest 2012 – that’s different. Well deserving of its accolades and praise, this genuinely is one of the best festivals in the country, which, when there are 450+ running,Continue reading “Leefest – movers and shakers!”

Ideals – Altar

Released March 26th 2012 on Intruder Records From the Suffolk originating, now London based four piece Ideals, Altar, is an example of full melancholic indie, the opening chord sequence being very much of the Interpol-esque genre, the slightly scathing yet soft vocals of Andrew Major hooking onto and into the chugging guitar melodies and deadeningContinue reading “Ideals – Altar”