Beach House – Black Car

Beach House are a beguiling band. And so is their new tune Black Car. A mysterious song with a pounding bass line and erratic pulsing beat, it’s the latest tune from their woozy and atmospheric album 7. Despite its weightlessness there’s a sense of power to proceedings. It’s hypnotic and infectious, and pure Beach House.Continue reading “Beach House – Black Car”

After The Party by Cressida Connelly

The female experience of Fascism isn’t one we’re used to reading about. And particularly not in a way that whilst not painting the political philosophy in a sympathetic light exactly, does explore how a young mother could become swept up in it all. In Cressida Connelly’s After The Party, it’s 1979, and Phyllis Forrester takesContinue reading “After The Party by Cressida Connelly”

Pink drinks

I’ve always liked pink. Give me a choice of rosy hues or stark shades, and I’ll gravitate towards the pretty colours. But at 47%, masterly distilled and expertly crafted, Edgerton Pink Gin is no soft spirit, and certainly not a product that should be tarnished with the same (usually misguided) perceptions as rose wine oftenContinue reading “Pink drinks”

Derren Brown – Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine

Derren Brown’s job is to use psychology to convince. When he’s up there on stage and entertaining audiences, he guiding those in front of him to believe things – to tell themselves stories that may not be true. So he’s pretty well versed on how the brain works. You’d think we might be by now,Continue reading “Derren Brown – Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine”

Review: Much Ado About Nothing @ Selfridge’s The reFASHIONed Theatre

Read the original post on State of the Arts Shakespeare Refashioned, Selfridges’ conflation of culture and consumerism (although have the two ever really been separate?) have added Much Ado About Nothing to their innovative programme of events that aim to both celebrate the Bard, and make him accessible to everyone in a riotous production craftedContinue reading “Review: Much Ado About Nothing @ Selfridge’s The reFASHIONed Theatre”