The Girl By The Sea

It was a day when the grey oblongs stack up and in to the silvery sky. Sniffs of clouds liked the nose with rain, and the sea crashed like a breaking stainless steel knife being twisted between finger and thumb. Against the gum metal grey shopfront leaned a vision. It was only later I believedContinue reading “The Girl By The Sea”

A novel tea

It is 4pm. I get cranky if I don’t have a cup of tea by this time in the afternoon. My boyfriend knows this and so he drags me to the nearest shop to indulge me in my favourite brew. We are very lucky as the nearest shop turns out to be The Fourteas, a 1940sContinue reading “A novel tea”

Champagne Face

Winter is so tough.  Night sets in before day properly breaks. The skin on the cheeks resembles a pumice stone. Wind bites at your skin while we bite at comforting pies. The only thing gloomier than the rainy afternoons are the grey weighty bags under the eyes. Sunshine and a cocktail are the only thingsContinue reading “Champagne Face”