The God of Data Analysis

The God of Data Analysis was a mighty being. Sat on Mount Numerous, he knew that he was in control. His creed had spread, and his supremacy confirmed. The world saw the power of data, and saw that it was good. The more data you had, the bigger the numbers you dealt with, the moreContinue reading “The God of Data Analysis”

The Future of Blogging

As part of a study on what the future of blogging looks like, the Innovation Company asked me to, well, blog on my thoughts. I started blogging due to my love of writing, and desire to be a journalist. It seemed an easy way to start out in the field of features and reporting, gainingContinue reading “The Future of Blogging”

Qualitative Research in Arts and Mental Health: Context, meaning and evidence

Written for McPin This book, edited by Theo Stickley, associate professor of mental health at the university of Nottingham and expert on mental health, arts and health, counselling or nurse education, brings together three rather nebulous and difficult to define concepts – qualitative, art, and mental health – with the aim of proving, at leastContinue reading “Qualitative Research in Arts and Mental Health: Context, meaning and evidence”

Organisations have to change their practices to change lives

First published on Vanilla Ventures The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day, celebrated on October 10th, was dignity. Dignity, according to the World Health Organisation ‘refers to an individual’s inherent value and worth and is strongly linked to respect, recognition, self-worth and the possibility to make choices.’ For anyone, the knowledge that yourContinue reading “Organisations have to change their practices to change lives”