Bryde – Honey

Girls and guitars are either described as angry or gentle – the binary divides that exist in much of our lives plays out even when it comes to music. But Bryde is both fierce and fragile, and on new single Honey she echoes early PJ Harvey, more upbeat and intense than her previous single Wait.Continue reading “Bryde – Honey”

Emily Capell – Joey

Bubbling along with a sugary melody and bouncing chords, Emily Capell‘s new single Joey is jam packed full of the humour and smiles that make her such a bright spark on the local music scene. The lyrics sound like a set of instructions to her dear Joey, but are delivered with such vibrancy and wholesomeContinue reading “Emily Capell – Joey”

Club Smith announce Debut Album details and video for Lament

“The lyrics are about realising that everything you think you should have achieved doesn’t really matter because the important achievements are those that come naturally and imprint on you because they’re the relationships you have with people” That’s what Sam Robson, lead vocalist of Club Smith says of new single Lament, the first video toContinue reading “Club Smith announce Debut Album details and video for Lament”