Everyone's loving Secret Rivals' Once More With Heart

We know it’s great. Secret Rivals are aware that it rocks. Trend setters are always ahead of the crowd, and now the rest of the musical community is starting to catch up, streaming, mixing and sharing the new single Once More With Heart, which will be released as a double A side with I Know SomethingContinue reading “Everyone's loving Secret Rivals' Once More With Heart”

The DamnCats

If you have heard The DamnCats before you’re probably thinking, “it’s about time for a decent CD” and, you’re lucky, ‘cos your wait is over. The EP that they have released is a window into their world and you can clearly see which way they are evolving in their music. Savannah Smith, the bassist forContinue reading “The DamnCats”

Malachai – Ugly Side of Love

‘Ugly Side of Love’, this latest offering from the Bristol duo, made to the recipe of the handful of highlights of musical history, lashings of creativity, and a healthy heap of self indulgence , all mixed with vivid imagination is tearing the seams with individuality and excitement. A textured tapestry, this is both uplifting andContinue reading “Malachai – Ugly Side of Love”