Red Kite – Dance With Crow

As a fan of music and literature, and anything that unites the two, Red Kite‘s Dance With Crow was always going to pique my interest. The fact that is an exhilarating and thrilling tune, full of deep rushing guitars and vibrant menacing melodies only sustains the thrill. The album, written and produced over a dramaticContinue reading “Red Kite – Dance With Crow”

Red Kite & Toy @ Camden Barfly

February 6th HMV’s Next Big Thing Reviewed by Katie Stanton Red Kite is the resurrected outlet for former Cooper Temper Clause guitarist, Daniel Fisher. Their sound is the sort of classic rock to soundtrack long walks along the beach and pensive moments looking out at the ocean. Tonight, there are five people onstage , includingContinue reading “Red Kite & Toy @ Camden Barfly”