Sustainable tourism: ‘going green’ doesn’t just mean a splash of colour

Green has become cool. Show me a hotel, restaurant or travel company that doesn’t have a green policy or environmental statement and I will eat my organic hat. This is, of course, fantastic: the more places that commit to recycling or saving water, the better for us and our environment. Problems appear when ‘going green’Continue reading “Sustainable tourism: ‘going green’ doesn’t just mean a splash of colour”

Whose job is recycling anyway?

Rubbish is bad, recycling is good? Right. But who’s job is it? Should each individual take responsibility, or is it up to the government to encourage, coerce, or force where necessary, people to recycle their unwanted goods and packaging. Targets have been set for the UK. By 2020 the UK is expected to have reachedContinue reading “Whose job is recycling anyway?”