Bill Callahan – Baby’s Breath

I like breathing at the start of songs. The guitar work is about repetitive and dull, and this is kinda ok as his voice is very strong and recognisable, but, not a massive fan. And then it starts getting more lively at the ‘young girl at a wedding bit’, but this doesn’t seem connected toContinue reading “Bill Callahan – Baby’s Breath”

Tom Williams & The Boat. Don't Miss It.

Just a short entry this time round: Tom Williams & The Boat. Pretty cool name right? Well I stumbled upon theirLive Lounge Recording of their song “Concentrate” by accident (whilst checking out the channel of a friend request on youtube) and I fell in love. No not with Tom. But with the actual pure utter amazing-nessContinue reading “Tom Williams & The Boat. Don't Miss It.”

Best Coast – Boyfriend

My visit to the Indie Rock Café: Hello, and welcome to my very first monthly write. Much like alcohol, (no matter how much we love it) it’s best to take it in small doses. Right! I recently logged on to the Indie Rock Café, (as I recommend you do) a fantastic bundle of unknown, known, heardContinue reading “Best Coast – Boyfriend”