Amazing Radio Live Show..

Amazing Radio Presents.. Spring Offensive // 1914s // Pandas and People // Les Mistons Thursday 8th September The Bull and Gate It’s common knowledge that IAH are avid listeners of Amazing Radio and huge fans of Spring Offensive, so it was difficult to contain our excitement when we found out the two would be teamingContinue reading “Amazing Radio Live Show..”

Joe Goddard – Gabriel

Joe Goddard – Gabriel Goddard was in Hot Chip; you can kind of hear it in the choppy synth part at about 2:40. I’m not sure who the singer is, her name is Valentina – she has a nice voice. I think the tune is a little trendy especially with all the pitch-bend on the vocals in the firstContinue reading “Joe Goddard – Gabriel”

Binary – Turquoise

Binary – Turquoise I really like the bass and guitars, really Mansun. Also with the bass so high in the mix, almost makes me think of Pixies and even Stone Roses. star off for the vocals though, one of those voices that just makes me think the guy is a total kn0b…really straining and tryingContinue reading “Binary – Turquoise”