ScenicLife – a shot in the arm for you

If guitar music is dead, rock’n’roll redundant and music stars fading, what are ScenicLife doing here? Ready with that ‘shot in the arm’ that Jim Chancellor of Fiction records is adamant guitar music needs, the first four tracks from Scenic Life (Lawrence Bray on vocals and rhythm, who shares the songwriting with Daniel Dodson, alsoContinue reading “ScenicLife – a shot in the arm for you”

Love for Secret Rivals – Once More With Heart/I Know Something: buy it now!

Clearly It’s All Happening! believe that the gravelly emotions and gritty excitement, oscillating melodies and compulsive substance, confident and explosive rhythms of Secret Rivals Once More With Heart and I Know Something make them great examples of those sorts of songs that leave your life better than when they entered it, and an excellent follow up to their September mini-album Make DoContinue reading “Love for Secret Rivals – Once More With Heart/I Know Something: buy it now!”

Young Runaways – new band alert!

Orchestra meets pop, the midlands meets magic, Young Runaways make majestic and powerful music which meddles folk story telling, pop immediacy, and classical ability. As well as the usual drums, bass, guitar they rock the violin, trumpet and trombone, and use the boy/girl vocals in harmony, not just the call and response which is so familiarContinue reading “Young Runaways – new band alert!”

The next twelve months

So now we know that it’s not the end of the world, what’s coming up in 2012? This is the stuff we’re already getting excited about. Daughter – We were lucky enough to see Elena Tonra (aka Daughter) play at the beautiful St Giles in the Fields church in London just before Christmas and sheContinue reading “The next twelve months”

Two Thousand And Eleven – top year

Ah  2011. What a year. It probably won’t go down in musical history like 1977 (Sex Pistols), or 1995 (Britpop), 1963 (The Beatles) or dammit, even 2004 (X Factor), but we’ve still had a bloody good time listening to music, getting all fired up on the thrill of a good melody and a banging riff.Continue reading “Two Thousand And Eleven – top year”