Howl Griff

Howl Griff   Fragile Diamond Released October 15th 2012 on Dockrad Records Howl Griff, the singer and band, will be releasing their third album Fragile Diamond on October 2012. Their first album was Welsh language only, and therefore unintelligible to 99.9% of the world, but by truly having to let the music and melody doContinue reading “Howl Griff”

The London Folk Fest 2012

It is no secret that the UK is currently in the midst of one of its wettest ‘summers’ in recent memory. A number of festivals have become more reminiscent of Iceland’s mudpools, so we could all do with a nice indoor festival, couldn’t we? Well, luckily for us, The Bedford in Balham is hosting TheContinue reading “The London Folk Fest 2012”


Sharing their name with a Roman Fort in South Shields, Arbeia make the kind of music that feels like a light wind on your neck…accompanied by a knotty rush of adrenalin. Slow and dreamy melodies are underpinned by syncopated beats that build into almost pop music refrains before the sharp shock of the chorus andContinue reading “Introducing…Arbeia”

All We Are – Cardhouse // Free Download!

The world wide web is saturated with.. stuff. Cool stuff, funny stuff, boring stuff, secret stuff.. the list goes on. However, every now and then you stumble across a real find. One that makes you smile, or stops you in your tracks. ‘Cardhouse’ from Liverpool band All We Are feels like one of these. It’sContinue reading “All We Are – Cardhouse // Free Download!”