Books as therapy

For avid readers, the idea of bibliotherapy is not new at all. Many people feel better after curling up with a good book. There’s a feeling that they are good for the heart and soul, and it’s not unusual to find a feeling of friendship within the page, looking to them for guidance and perspective,Continue reading “Books as therapy”

World Book Night

April 23rd is UNESCO’s International Day of the Book and for the last five years, World Book Night, the annual celebration of reading and books. Across the country passionate volunteers give hundreds of thousands of books away in their communities. The aim is to reach the 35% of the adult population who don’t read forContinue reading “World Book Night”

Books make you feel better

I love reading. I always have. As a child mum would take me to the library every Saturday afternoon. We would spend ages in there as I deliberated over which books to borrow, the horror of being restricted to only eight filling me with grief. We would leave with my pile, and I would startContinue reading “Books make you feel better”

Book Slam, Bethnal Green

We are gathered in York Hall, Bethnal Green, to be ‘KO’d by the power of words’ as the booming voice of compere Doc Brown tells us, the echo resonating around the school gym style room. Filled with tables of chattering people, munching and drinking whilst they soak up the literary genius of performers, the nightContinue reading “Book Slam, Bethnal Green”

Sundara Karma – Fresh Bloom

A lovely track bristling with deep russet coloured summer vibes, Freshbloom is the gusting and gorgeous debut single from Reading band  Sundara Karma. Ludicrously young (only 17) yet evidently brimming with talent, this song quivers and quakes with vivid storytelling and bright guitars. The gentle lull in sound (look at the dip on the soundcloud) before itContinue reading “Sundara Karma – Fresh Bloom”