Twin Sister – All Around And Away We Go

I think the start is very Guillemotsy, and I quite like the way it sounds like its being played in a tin can, before it sort of dribbles ¬†out… FB Video isn’t particularly work friendly is it? I liked it though, it was like Cat Power if she sung in a pout/with her cheeks pulledContinue reading “Twin Sister – All Around And Away We Go”

Girls – Heartbreaker

Melody is pretty Britpop, you almost expect to get Jjohn Power (The La’s and Cast) singing, but then the really deplete vocals (he sounds like he’s singing as though doing an impression of a duck) make it quite different. FB I really like Heartbreaker. Can hear the Britpop thing, the jangly guitars and too loudContinue reading “Girls – Heartbreaker”