The Murder Capital – Don’t Cling To Life

Dark and devilish, Dublin’s The Murder Capital have just released a new live video for Don’t Cling To Life (Part II/IV), ahead of a series of in stores and live gigs to celebrate their album When I Have Fears, which was released on August 16th through Human Season Records. It’s blistering, angsty, and utterly potent,Continue reading “The Murder Capital – Don’t Cling To Life”

Beastmilk – Love in a Cold World

Scandinavian music usually falls into one of two camps – happy clappy pop a la Abba, or dark death metal, like…well I don’t know, I tend to avoid it. I blame it on the weather. With twenty four hour bright skies or dark nights, it is no doubt hard to find middle ground. Swedish BeastmilkContinue reading “Beastmilk – Love in a Cold World”

Sky Between Leaves – Sky Between Leaves

You know how sometimes the path to a new band is an odd one, nothing to do with hearing their music and all together with an unhealthy obsession with a spectacle wearing, nimble of body, linguistically dexterous, ludicrously talented, socially perceptive and seductively softly spoken songwriter and musician who has beguiled me since his BritpopContinue reading “Sky Between Leaves – Sky Between Leaves”

The Capsules – Northern Lights & Southern Skies

Released June 14th 2013 Northern Lights & Southern Skies, the new album from The Capsules, sounds as though it was recorded in a smooth wind tunnel, floating chilled dance,  good Saturday evening warm up in the sun or Sunday afternoon thinking back to the night before kind of music. Wistful and whimsical yet fully rooted inContinue reading “The Capsules – Northern Lights & Southern Skies”