Fiona Bevan

Gentle storytelling beauty is what Fiona Bevan specialises in, her knowing yet sweet voice cooing over gentle melodies. Described as ‘pop in disguise’ it is immediate and hook laden, without any saccharin sweetness and packaging that the genre becomes so often derided for. (As the co-writer for One Direction’s Little Things, along with Ed Sheeran,Continue reading “Fiona Bevan”

T-Shirt Weather

A bit punk, a bit pop, T-Shirt Weather are a three piece from the stunning  cathedral and castle city of Durham and T-Shirt Weather play fun and frantic music not to be taken seriously. These four songs, recorded over three days on chrome tape (a nightmare apparently) the tracks from their latest split EP with KingstonContinue reading “T-Shirt Weather”

A chat with…Leverage Models

Leverage Models make music to be to, dance to, feel to, whatever. With an undeniably eighties aesthetic going on, the sound is more complex in creation and product than being that of a simple era raid. There’s a pop dance aesthetic drawing from the depths of enchantment. I chatted to Shannon Fields, the producer behindContinue reading “A chat with…Leverage Models”

No Future: has pop lost its radical edge?

Pop and politics – are the two inextricable or has music lost its political power and radical layer? One of the great debates from previous Battle of Ideas event, two days of high-level, thought-provoking, public debate organised by the Institute of Ideas at the Barbican.

Flash Bang Band – If You’re Driving

I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but the party is well and truly on form when Brighton’s Flash Bang Band, who describe their sound as ‘wonky pop’ are there. With a strong DIY approach – producing their own videos, hosting their own live shows (including a sold-out gig on a busContinue reading “Flash Bang Band – If You’re Driving”