A chat with Hollie McNish

A brief chat with spoken word artist, writer, poet, workshop facilitator and mum, Hollie McNish, ahead of her performance at Folkestone Quarterhouse for International Women’s Day. Why do you do what you do? Forced! No, but well, sort of. I’ve been writing poems all my days, love it. But it was just a hobby. IContinue reading “A chat with Hollie McNish”

My Beautiful Black Dog

It’s running late, and if we don’t start soon, I’ll have to miss it.The packed line up at the Southbank’s Changing Minds festival means I’ve booked events back to back and delays are screwing my schedule. A one woman musical soirée about depression – I get where this is going, it’s fine. But I am aware itContinue reading “My Beautiful Black Dog”

Scriggler #6 – festive favourites, no tinsel

  Who’s up for some literary fun then? It’s been over a year since the first event and as we’re coming up to a rather special time of year, we thought it would be worth celebrating with a bit of a ‘best of.’ Scriggler Live #6 – The Christmas special, will be taking place on ThursdayContinue reading “Scriggler #6 – festive favourites, no tinsel”

Simon Smith – Experiment & Liberate: Politics in Poetry

Political poetry sounds like a heavy topic for a Saturday afternoon with Save As Writers. I don’t have a particular viewpoint to share, I’m not interested in writing polemics, and nothing *bad* has happened to me personally make me angry enough to write political poetry. But Simon Smith, poet, author and lecturer, and our tutorContinue reading “Simon Smith – Experiment & Liberate: Politics in Poetry”

Book Slam, Bethnal Green

We are gathered in York Hall, Bethnal Green, to be ‘KO’d by the power of words’ as the booming voice of compere Doc Brown tells us, the echo resonating around the school gym style room. Filled with tables of chattering people, munching and drinking whilst they soak up the literary genius of performers, the nightContinue reading “Book Slam, Bethnal Green”