For some reason, despite the fact that we’re all glued to our phones and screens like an extra limb, and that we communicate with everyone else important in our lives through technology, the idea of meeting a partner online is still slightly taboo. Alyssa Salter of all female theatre company New Match Collective realised howContinue reading “Swipe”

Happiness is a Cup of Tea

Written and performed by Annie McKenzie and directed by Michael Tonkin-Jones Judging a book by its cover, or a play by its name, is a risky thing. Happiness is a Cup of Tea, a one-woman play written and performed by Annie McKenzie is not a whimsical look at the little things in life, but centredContinue reading “Happiness is a Cup of Tea”

True Brits

‘Do you feel British?’ Rahul asks the audience, as he bounds onto the stage in t shirt and jeans, with a twinkle in his eye, looking like any other teenager. True Brits is an exploration of identity – how it is formed, the different facets influencing it, and what it means to individuals and theContinue reading “True Brits”

Made In Britain at Old Red Lion Theatre

It’s not just angry young men any more. They’re all angry – men, women, boys, girls. And with good reason, as Made In Britain, showing at London’s Old Red Lion Theatre, makes apparent. Against a background of sketchy CCTV footage bristling with flashes of urban society Sarah Bryan and James Rallinson play Danny and Nina,Continue reading “Made In Britain at Old Red Lion Theatre”