Lucy Rose @ Oxjam Dalston

26 September 2012 Reviewed by Becky Glass It starts well: coats draped over rows of vinyl, spotlights on low, and a crowd so benevolent they’re emitting an actual glow. The semi-transformed Oxfam shop on Kingsland Roadis an enchanting venue from the off – relaxed, calm and unpretentious: quite a surprise for mid-town Hipsterville. Add theContinue reading “Lucy Rose @ Oxjam Dalston”

UnorthodOXJAM – Proud Camden, 7th Oct

The Switch, Orlando Seale and the Swell, Killing Fields of Ontario, The Wildes, and Shout Timber A night of break-though indie acts brought to you by It’s All Happening, taking place at Proud Stables, Camden, all  to raise money for the wonderful work of Oxfam. Check out the line up… Orlando Seale and the SwellContinue reading “UnorthodOXJAM – Proud Camden, 7th Oct”

Oxjam Camden – proving music is good for the world!

Anyone who’s ever asked one of It’s All Happening ‘so how did the gigs start?’ will know that we are indebted to Oxjam, Oxfam’s annual festival fundraiser, and the shove that it gave us. Every year people passionate about music, their local area, and making a difference to the world organise gigs to raise moneyContinue reading “Oxjam Camden – proving music is good for the world!”

Spring Offensive for Oxjam Kilburn, 24 Nov 2010

Powers Bar, Kilburn Francesca Baker Nobody here is in any doubt that Oxfam is an amazing charity. If there is any divine justice, then as a collective it must have guestlist at the celestial gates and an AAA pass around paradise. No, rather the reason that everyone’s number one reason for being in Powers thisContinue reading “Spring Offensive for Oxjam Kilburn, 24 Nov 2010”

September 2010 – Welcome!

Hello one and all! Yet again, you are reading our lovingly pieced together zines, taking in the words so carefully crafted, practically inhaling the musical mojo that proliferates the bands in these pages. Ah, music. Doesn’t it ruddy rock? Although sometimes subject to slurs, tarnished with those dirty words decadence and hedonism. Everyone knows thatContinue reading “September 2010 – Welcome!”