Greenwich Book Festival: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class by Selina Todd

Selina Todd has issue with the idea of referring to the working class as the ‘forgotten’ or ‘marginalised.’ They, like her when she was growing up and starting her role as a historian, are just living their lives. It’s these lives that she explores in The Rise and Fall of the Working Class. At Greenwich BookContinue reading “Greenwich Book Festival: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class by Selina Todd”

Rhyming imperfectly – an interview with Rainbow Reservoir

Rainbow Reservoir make music that sound like the name. Glistening, bright, bouncing with happiness, and with hidden depths. The baby of multi talented and multi instrumentalist Angela Space, the second EP, 400 Imperfect Rhymes was released on July 14th, with the cast of Oli Steadman, Rob Steadman and Duncan McNaughton all collaborating on production and performance.Continue reading “Rhyming imperfectly – an interview with Rainbow Reservoir”

Secret Rivals – Just Fall

‘What a way to spend a weekend, well some fucking best friend you’ve turned out to be…too readily swallow the same lines, well not this time’ They say that troubled souls make great artists. Both are true of Secret Rivals. Just Fall is their snappy ten track album, funded by fans as part of PledgeContinue reading “Secret Rivals – Just Fall”

Secret Rivals – Marketing

  Secret Rivals land in May with Make Do And Mend (part 2), the follow up (as the name suggests) to the 2011 Make Do And Mend, which was picked up, praised and played by ,amongst others, indie taste makers Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq and Rob Da Bank. Continuing with their deliciously scuzzy pop sound, nfluenced by theContinue reading “Secret Rivals – Marketing”

Secret Rivals – Everything I've Lost

Released September 24th There’s one way to work out if your music is worth making and if you really have fans – ask them to contribute to the costs. People will only put their money where their mouth is when it really matters, which is why Pledge music has helped numerous bands make records thatContinue reading “Secret Rivals – Everything I've Lost”