Sedos – Candide

Being unfamiliar with Voltaire, clueless as to what an operetta was, being unable to think of Bernstein musical despite knowing his name, yet well aware of the quality of Sedos I was intrigued about their latest production of Candide. A Wednesday night  at the Bridewell Theatre seemed as good a time as any to conductContinue reading “Sedos – Candide”

Opera. Silent. In a tunnel?

Silent Opera. Vault Festival. Directed by Daisy Evans, recipient of the Sky Arts Futures Fund Produced in association with Old Vic New Voices As my first experience of opera, this was not so much akin as being dangled upside down by the ankles into a whirlpool of creative interpretations. It wasn’t to everyone’s taste, evident by theContinue reading “Opera. Silent. In a tunnel?”