Oberhofer – Notalgia EP

Spangling sparkling songs, muffled delivery, and an optimistic sounding take on a dark event (the suicide of a friend). So far, so Oberhofer. Notalgia EP is an endearing and elemental set of five songs (well, four and a bit), alarmingly personal yet arms wide open welcoming. Opening with a tragic rumination time and place YouContinue reading “Oberhofer – Notalgia EP”

Oberhofer – Gotta Go

Released on January 9th 2011 on Coperative music Reviewed by Francesca Baker Gotta Go is the latest charmingly skewed and ramshackle output from the 20 year old Brooklyn rising star. Brad Oberhofer’s  deep voice sounds as though it comes from a  mouth with a sweet firmly lodged in it and the resulted sonic waves areContinue reading “Oberhofer – Gotta Go”